• The Complete A-Z Program for an easy and confident relationship with food

  • Over 80 Pages Recipes that will make you crave good-for-you-food based on the balanced diet framework

  • Immediate access to all bonus videos for healthy you from the inside out.

  • Body Love Yoga Videos for mindfulness practice and full relaxation

I used to weigh myself a few times a day, it was like a compulsive need to feel some form of control. After being part of STOP, I am feeling in control around my weight, food and my eating triggers. I know exactly how to respond to stressful situations and am now equipped with tools to choose from how I am going to respond instead of using food to “feel in control” of my situation.


STOP gave me more than I thought was even possible. I used to believe my battle with food and my weight is a lifetime battle. After only one month, I noticed I stopped worrying about my weight and my body. This led me to a journey of body positivity, positive body image and focus on my fitness instead of weight loss as an indicator for health.


And this gives me peace with food because I don't feel the need to control my body and don't live with constant fear of food.


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