Night Time Survival Guide



Ditch night time binges. Feel in control and live a life fueled by freedom instead of diets, weight, and food obsession. Finally step off the yo-yo diet roller coaster for good.

With this Guide you will ...

  • Beat Night Time Binge Eating with simple and yet powerful action steps.

  • Learn to ask yourself the #1 question to prevent you from finishing that entire bag of chips.

  • Learn reasons for binge eating and overeating at night time.

  • Understand what to eat and how much to eat so that you don't binge at night time.

  • Address the root cause of why you feel addicted to food to heal from inside out.

  • Eat flexibly without restrictions and restrictive food rules.

FREE guide to STOP overeating and binge eating at night time so you can stop going to bed feeling yuck and guilty and instead go to bed feeling peaceful and happy for a beautiful sleep and amazing day ahead of you.


Well, And Who Am I? 

I am Eugenia. I'm a Mind and Body Transformation Coach with a BSc BusPsy Degree and a Nutrition and Mindful Eating Coach. In my experience working with hundreds of women and men all over the world, both in private praxis and through my online course, Food Freedom Formula, I’ve found that most people struggle with nighttime eating.


I am very passionate about helping women and men like you to find the hidden reasons for emotional eating and binge eating so that they can finally lose weight but not by going on another diet, but through healing their relationship with food, body and themselves. 


My work has been featured in print media like NEXT and Good Healthy Choices and I have been interviewed for Radio Live where I was talking about binge eating and other food related problems. 


My passion comes from my own experience of many years of eating disorders, dieting, emotional eating and body hatred. I'm now on a mission to empower others to end their battle with their body, food and ultimately themselves by addressing the underlying cause of their pain.


If you would like to read my story of eating disorder, dieting and the freedom I am now now experiencing since my recovery, read it HERE. 



xx Eugenia  

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