Free yourself from Binge Eating and Emotional Eating 

6 weeks Online Group Program

Food Freedom Formula

Free yourself from Binge Eating and Emotional Eating

(without giving up eating and enjoying your favourite food)

Are you ready to finally free yourself from food obsession and free your waistline from excessive weight -

without going on another diet and giving up eating cake? 


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Eugenia Nikiforow has been featured ...  

  • Are you struggling with emotional eating, binge eating, food cravings and yo-yo dieting?

  • Do you want to lose weight by addressing the root cause and create a healthier relationship with food and your body for sustainable change?  

  • Do you wish to be more confident to be more social and active and have more happiness and fun in life?

  • Are you tired of obsessing over food and your body? 

  • Do you want to learn powerful and practical tools to eliminate food cravings?

  • Would like to learn managing stress, strong emotions and feelings in a constructive way without constantly using food for comfort?

If your heart just said YES to any of the above


The time is now
You Are Ready.


  • ​Losing Weight by healing the root cause of your eating problem and not by doing another fad diet. 

  • Instead of constantly worrying about food and your body, spending worry free time with family, friends, having fun being active and travel.

  • Eating food you love with joy and flexibility - without fear or guilt.  

  • ​Understanding what you truly want (and believe me it is not food) so that you can feed your heart and your soul and have a passionate and meaningful life.

  • Stop hiding eating cake when nobody is around and enjoying food together with others.

  • Managing stress without constantly using food for comfort.

You Are Free.
You're Confident.
You shine.

You're your happy self. 

Some Clients Love

With Eugenia’s support I can now eat chocolate without overeating it or feeling guilty. No more thoughts like: ugh, now I am going to get fat. I also haven’t experienced any binge eating urges for weeks now. I couldn’t have done it without Eugenia. Thank you for getting me through hardest times.
– Isabelle

Eugenia made quite a massive difference in my life. She took me from a place of food addiction and trying to avoid my emotions to cooking more meals, eating less junk, snacking less often and no longer being scared of feeling a certain way. She is a caring person and is thoughtful and thorough with her methods.
– Katie

The first time in my 40 years I can say that I love my body. I am no longer using diets to change how I feel about myself. I feel so much more confident about who I am and have more energy filling my passion and hobbies. I wish I would have found Eugenia earlier. 

– Maxine

Start February 2019

What we'll cover: 

Week 1: Fundamentals and Foundation

Identifying the core reasons for binge eating and emotional eating and understand why we overeat and what happens when we do it. 


Week 2: The Alchemy of Binge Eating

Diving deeper into the triggers of emotional eating, what triggers them & what we need to do  so that we can heal the root cause of the pain for long lasting transformation. 

Week 3: The 5 Methods To Healing

5 proven, simple and yet effective methods to eliminate emotional eating urges as they arise. No will-power and no dietary restrictions required.  

Week 4: Feeling is Healing

Manage Stress without using food for comfort. Learn to feel without the need to numb and distract uncomfortable feelings so that you can manage emotions in a constructive way. 

Week 5: Face the Devil - The Weight Loss paradigm

Free your waistline by healing your relationship with food without counting calories ever again. We need to get healthy to lose weight and not lose weight to get healthy. 

Week 6: Binge Eating as a Messenger

When we address the underlying issues, we heal the root cause of the pain. By re-connecting with our bodies and hearts, we realise that our problems have little to do with food. It is our body, heart and soul telling us that we forgot to hear our deepest needs and desires.

Exclusive Free Bonus

  • Bonus Meditation to relax and switch off.

  • Relaxing and restorative Yin Yoga Videos to reconnect with your breath, body and yourself. 

  • Support and Guidance from Eugenia

  • Supportive and encouraging secret community for daily inspiration and motivation.

How it works

From Comfort of your Home

All you need is a pc, laptop, a phone or a tablet. You can tune it from the comfort of your home. 

You will have mine support at all times if you get stuck. But trust me, it is easy to navigate. 


Community Support

Be part of an amazing and supportive group of women who are on the same journey as you are.
In our secret group we can share encouragement, pain, 
frustrations but also achievements and celebrations.

Free Downloads

Free handouts and work books to deepen your learning and maximise your transformation. 


You will leave the call with "homework" to create a smooth and gentle transformation to end binge eating and emotional eating. 

Live Weekly Video Training

6 weekly video calls on a Sunday at 7pm for only one hour where I am going to present the weekly topic as per above. All videos will be recorded to watch in your own time again or if you missed the call


 You turn your camera on or leave it off - it is entirely up to you. 


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And create a beautiful and easy relationship with food ....

that leads to sustainable weight loss, a life fueled with fun, love, adventure and freedom...


instead of yo-yo dieting, restrictions and food obsession!

What You Will Get

Weekly Video Live Calls discussing the weekly topic.



Access to all recorded Live Video Calls which you can re-view as often as you like or watch it if you mussed the call. 



My daily support, motivation and encouragement through our Secret Online Group.



Bonus Yoga and Relaxing Meditation Videos to relax and find ease.  


Additional Free Material for Free download for maximum learning and transformational experience



Well, who am I?!

I am Eugenia. I'm a Mind and Body Transformation Coach with a BSc BusPsy Degree and a Nutrition and Mindful Eating Coach. I am very passionate about helping women like you to find the hidden reasons for emotional eating and binge eating so that they can finally lose weight but not by going on another diet, but through healing their relationship with food, body and themselves. 


My work has been featured in print media like NEXT and Good Healthy Choices and I have been interviewed for Radio Live where I was talking about binge eating and other food related problems. 


My passion comes from my own experience of many years of eating disorders, dieting, emotional eating and body hatred. I'm now on a mission to empower others to end their battle with their body, food and ultimately themselves by addressing the underlying cause of their pain.


If you would like to read my story of eating disorder, dieting and the freedom I am now now experiencing since my recovery, read it HERE. 



xx Eugenia  

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And free your mind and your waistline from emotional and physical baggage!

How does it all work? 

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How does it all work?

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I am not god with technology!

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